"I’m not sure why Last Cabal have gone relatively unnoticed within a currently mediocre industry scenario, but they deserve your utmost attention."”

Tuned Loud

"[with a] flow that sounds like it was ripped straight from the 1990’s, the track bounces in a way that is both danceable and easily enjoyable; the interplay between the vocals and the song’s beat is phenomenal, showcasing the expert songwriting skills of Last Cabal."”

Which Coast

"The hot new tracks in American Rapper Darryl Watson’s latest album ’16 tracks for that azz’ will make you go wild."”

Storyline Unplugged

"Last Cabal's second single is 'Bes'likedat' from the boys 'upcoming album, '16 tracks for that azz'. That album is the sequel to 'Vol. 1 ', which was released in 2018 and is full of fat hip-hop of the most deliciously listenable kind."” - NORMAN VAN DEN WILDENBERG

Maxazin ( Dutch Publication)

"They dropped visual for the first two singles (Bes'likedat and Boomshakalaka) off the upcoming album. Both songs pick up where they left off in Vo.1, carrying through on that classic northern rap sound. Real chill beats, hard hitting lyrics, and bars galore. "”

The Weekly Beat

"While the sounds are progressive, and the lyrical content is timely, Watson's obtuse delivery, recognizably northern accent, and controlled flow gives Last Cabal's music a classic rap feel. " ”

The weekly Beat

"Darryl Watson calmly raps over every beat with the measured indifference of a hardened veteran rapper. While his delivery is by no means boring, the inclusions and pacing of these features ensure that the album never lulls into monotone" ”


"The collection of 16 songs that Last Cabal brings to the table is a compelling sequence of sophisticated bangers"” - Nova Music Blogs

Nova Music blog

" Vol. ! is a classic of our times" ”
" Vol. 1" is a breath of fresh air to hiphop purists as it jogs the memory of what music is all about. The lyricism is thick and with a truckload of metaphors, clever punchlines and throwback memorabilia" ” - Usa Blogs network

New Jersey Bangerz

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